The side effects of the Coronavirus outbreak made us change the way we work. Most of us started to work from home lifestyle. New circumstances forced us to accustomed to the difficulties to manage working hours and keep a balance with the family. Somewhere, we have also observed that performance is degraded because of lack of face-to-face communication and spend more time to come to the same page. 


Positive side

On the other positive end, there are many positive sides to what we learned and experienced due to this pandemic situation. We learned to manage to multitask and balancing out with the family. We learned to plan better and explored many communication options to get better performance even in comparison to face-to-face communication. We make sure that deliverables and quality do not get impacted. We followed better processes and many more. In the end, many of us got a chance to explore their leadership and help other teammates. 

After Pandemic 

We missed almost a year because of the pandemic and now the impact of Coronavirus is decreasing a lot, especially in India. After the Gujarat government gave relaxation and allowed us to start work from home with the defined guidelines, we thought to resume the work from our office and make all required arrangements again. We managed to follow and force all government guidelines at our workplace by coming every alternate day to the office and access all hardware setups remotely.   

It gives us a very good feeling that situation is getting better and see each other after almost a year.


Wish you Happy and safe life ahead..Keep safe :)