After lots of work we made to get version 1.4 approved from BIS, now it is the time to launch new version 2.0 with many enhancements and features which will make user’s marking operation very easy and accurate. After launching version 2.0, our OEM partner tested and found very insightful especially because of live camera view at the real-time without any lag and get readable view even for marking in microns.

Features in version 2.0:

  • Realtime camera view for full HD resolution and macro level view
  • Support for all capture card, USB and PCI based cameras
  • Camera control to change software filter or other camera parameters
  • Laser Hatching parameters
  • Material library support. This feature will allow user to create multiple library elements as per the choice (GOLD RING, NECKLESS etc.). It will save all the settings and when need the same marking no need to set all the parameters, just select the right material from the library and apply the settings.
  • More accurate Pen, Font and Color parameters
  • Move marking to center and easy to change positioning using, arrow keys or direct enter X/Y coordinates
  • Pre-settings for frequently used height options
  • Easy to change size of marking using page-up/page-down key or directly enter in to width and height box
  • Improved API operations


Marking Sample