As a service based partner of our one of the US based customer, we have helped them to do the research, component selection, board bring-up, middleware and IoT application development activities of their IoT gateway product. We are happy to announce that in parallel with their hardware deelopment, in a period of 3 months of time frame and with the help of great team efforts we have delivered working software solution to our coustomer and made their first prototype working just a 2 weeks of time frame after receiving the first proto hardware. Such development process helps our customer to make their products early to the market.

Business Needs:

The project includes an end to end support to our customer for their IoT gateway. IoT gateway is responsible for communicating to the sensors equipped in to the shopping mall including PoS terminal and then share data to the cloud application over WebSocket MQTT protocol. For them a challenge was to provide solution in a small timeframe as they were looking for company who is having experience and solution expertise to fulfil different components of the gateway.



  • Research and Component selection
    • Helped to perform research on different sensor performance and analysis to select best components for the gateway hardware including processor
  • Board bring up and device driver development in Embedded Linux
      • Cortex A8 based ARM processor

      • Bootloader and Embedded Linux Kernel porting
      • Device driver configuration for the peripherals and porting
      • Fallback support
  • Middleware and Zigbee, BLE Stack porting
    • Firmware and required libraries porting and development
    • Zigbee and BLE stack porting
  • Firmware and communication application development
    • Multiple application development to for the Zigbee and BLE devices
  • Testing and deployment support


Technologies used:

  • Bootloader
  • Embedded Linux
  • Embedded C and C++
  • Python
  • BLE stack
  • Zigbee Stack
  • OpenSSL
  • MQTT on Websocket
  • Multi Processing and multi threading


  • Efficient IoT Gateway solution delivered
  • Saved the cost of development because of technical expertise and experience in such solutions
  • End to end support from research till realization
  • Technical support