In manufacturing Industry 4.0, it will be always a time critical operation to save the OPEX cost. One of the important parameters is to perform laser marking on the different parts of the machine/object during manufacturing process and it should be automated to save the cost and time of the laser marking.


The project includes a system to have connection of Digital I/Os (8 or 16) in between existing PLC/HMI and digital automation laser marking software. It should also support the selection of multiple laser marking programs based on the automated input from the PLC/HMI. Synchronization between PLC and automation software plays a critical part to make smooth and effective laser marking using automation.

Thus, we have designed products with;

  • Customization and white labeling
  • Complete Desktop based and Touch based HMI software including control system (using PLC or Controller boards)
  • High performance and real-time communication with the machine
  • Multiple Program selection
  • Support of multiple and configurable IOs


  • Supports 8 or 16 Digital I/Os to utilize during the automation process
  • Multiple program selection based on configured digital input signals
  • Configurable input and outputs
  • Port test utility to check wire connection between PLC and card to help for the configuration of I/Os
  • Synchronization of Start Marking, Laser Ready, and Marking Done signals between PLC and software
  • Custom program selection to perform marking




  • Open wide range of possibilities to make laser marking process automated in large scale production environment
  • Save OPEX cost because of automation of the laser marking and multiple program selection process
  • Easy commissioning