Project Description

IoT Gateway/Router

Internet of Things(IoT) Gateway is a crucial component to establish device to device and device to cloud communication. A gateway provides the bridge between different communication technologies which means we can say that a Gateway acts as a medium to open up a connection between cloud and controller(sensors/devices) in the Internet of Things (IoT).

It enables a connection between the sensor network and the Internet along with enabling IoT communication, it also performs many other tasks such as this IoT gateway performs protocol translation, aggregating all data, local processing and filtering of data before sending it to the cloud, locally storing data and autonomously controlling devices based on some inputted data, providing additional device security.

IoT Gateway Architecture

Key functionalities of IoT Gateway :

  • Establishing a communication bridge between devices and the cloud
  • Provides additional security
  • Performs data aggregation and logging
  • Pre-processing and filtering of data
  • Provides local storage to store and cache data
  • Data computing at the edge level
  • Ability to manage the entire device
  • Device diagnostics
  • Adding the more functional capability

Working of IoT Gateway :

  • Receives data from the sensor network using RS232, RS485 Modbus, USB, SPI, I2C etc.
  • Performs Preprocessing, filtering, and cleaning on unfiltered data
  • Transports into standard protocols for communication.
  • Sends data to the cloud over MQTT

Key Features

  • SoC(System-On-Chip) – ARM Cortex A7 (ARMv8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz

  • Storage Capacity – 8GB to 64GB expandable

  • Communication –

    • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11 ac Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth 5.0 and BLE
    • GPRS and 2G supported interface
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Rs232 and Modbus over USB
    • Zigbee and Thread support over USB
  • Security – Auth 20 Cloud, MQTT, SSL, AES256 Encryption for messages

  • Cloud – Support AWS, Azure and custom Cloud solutions. This can be customized as per need.

  • Operating System – Embedded Linux, Android, OpenWRT with customization in BSP

  • Dynamic Modbus protocol changes – Device communication over Modbus protocol can be changed dynamically over USB storage, Mobile App, or Cloud without changing an application

  • Customized Mobile Application – Customized application in Android and iOS as per need

  • Easy Installation and Commissioning- Quick <5 minutes of installation and commissioning. This can be customized as per need.

  • Powered by Raspberry Pi Having Raspbery Pi module inside

Key Applications

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