Project Description

BIS HUID Laser Marking Solution 2.0 for our OEM Partner

Business Needs

HUID-based Hallmarking brings transparency, and ensures consumers rights. After lots of efforts by government of India, they made BIS standards for the HUID and implemented a Cloud API based solution for all the registered vendors to allow to get unique HUID code directly from BIS server and print(laser mark) on to the jewellery.

The project includes a system to have secure connection between our application and BIS cloud server to get the code and print without any manipulation. This solution should make sure that it does not allow vendor or anyone to interfere with the code and authenticate using Vendor credentials which will be provided by BIS body.

Thus, we have provided following software and hardware solutions to our OEM partner;

  • BIS server authentication and communication(Get HUID and mark)
  • Easy interface to provide request number, job number and AHC tag ID to get the correct HUID code
  • One time BIS setup
  • Camera based live preview directly in to the software to save time for marking object alignment and correct position of the mark
  • Change font of the HUID
  • HUID and BIS symbol position or size change using Page-Up, Page-Down and Arrow keys
  • Marking report and live status
  • Communication with OEM laser machine over 3 or 4-Axis card for the laser movement


  • Windows Based BIS HUID Laser Marking Application
    • Generic Windows based application
    • Secured communication using BIS provided APIs
    • Get HUID from BIS server and acknowledge to BIS server once printing(marking) is done
    • Marking report of total and each separate request number and job number
    • Registered Vendors custom settings
    • Registered vendor login details provided by BIS
    • Drive 3Axis Hardware to perform Laser marking
    • Live camera preview of jewelry and HUID mark to save time for every time alignment and positioning
    • Live position and size change of HUID mark and BIS symbol
    • Live font settings
    • Single and dual line templates
    • Restriction for changes in fetched HUID to print which saves from any manipulation
    • Software user rights management
  • 3Axis Hardware
    • Hardware to communicate with our software application and to drive laser for the marking
  • OEM and Vendor support
    • We provide complete trunkey solution with help of our OEM partner
    • we also provide separate 3 or4-Axis hardware and Software solution to other OEM vendors


  • BIS approved for our Vendors and OEM partner

  • Easy deployment and commissioning
  • User friendly
  • Customized settings to accommodate any real-time changes in BIS side or for the Vendor registration
  • Live Camera preview. Readable marking with 0.1mm of height
  • Software user rights management

BIS Approved

Our OEM Partner

Ouer OEM partner’s Laser Machines mounted with the current solution

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