Project Description

Electrofusion Welding Barcode Generator as per ISO13950 and sticker printing

ISO13950 barcode is essential for any PE products Electro Fusion welding process. Such manufacturers need to provide printed barcode with the PE products or pipe to make sure any ISO13950 supported Electro Fusion welding machine will be able to support their PE products to perform best and optimized welding.

Our software supports all following different types of PE products and all supported encodings as per mentioned in ISO13950 standard to generate barcode as per their product need and manufacturing parameter’s. The work of barcode encoding for welding of PE electrofusion pipe fittings is coded according to ISO13950 standard, and the number of pipe fittings reaches as many as thousands.

Supported fittings (All as per ISO13950):
Class AClass B
Tapping tee or saddleCycle with a flip-flop type dividing box
Monofilar CouplerElectro-thermo-retractable sleeve
Single socket(TDW) tapping tee
Tapping Tee
Single Socket

Generated barcode using this software will help to scan the barcode in Electro Fusion welding machine and directly able to perform optimized and defined welding process by manufacturer.

This software also helps to export and import barcodes to saves efforts for later stage printing and provide module for sticker or label printers where we can also helps to customize it.

Electro Fusion Barcode Generator

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