Project Description

One-stop IoT Solution

In the IoT world, it is very important to have devices cost-effective, secure, scalable, and early time to market in the current competitive market. IoT devices are a combination of a great idea, and different stages like fruitful brainstorming and scoping, Hardware Engineering, Firmware/Software Engineering, Cloud and Mobile Infrastructure, Production, Deployment, Support, and End-user customer portal. Every stage is very crucial and requires good strategy and preplanning to execute with all interdependencies and outer dependencies like supply chain, and procurement.

We help to provide a complete one-stop solution to bring your idea alive, by helping you in setting up strategy and planning, parallel execution of each phase of execution, and deployment of the right manpower and resource in each phase of development.

End-to-end IoT Engineering

Development Technologies

Edge-Device and Gateway OS
Edge-Device and Gateway Technology

Communication Protocols
Processors and Controllers
Web Development
Mobile App Development

Key Applications

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