Project Description

IoT based smart water pumping system

Business Needs

Public privacy and safety are highly concerned and need a household water pumping system very robust, with predictive maintenance and a single controlled system. Every end user and maintenance company needs access to a mobile application connected to the water system. Commissioning and installation must be easy and user-friendly. Thus need to design an IoT-enabled ecosystem that can provide:

  • Communication with the existing PLC-based water control system
  • IoT gateway to provide a bridge between Cloud and PLC system
  • Cloud platform with a scalable and robust system for control, monitoring, and predictive maintenance
  • Cloud/Native based Mobile app designer for their OEM customers and maintenance agencies
  • End user mobile application
  • Data Analytics, and data logger
  • User access and rights


  • IoT Gateway Engineering

    • Customized and white-labeled gateway
    • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and 2G/3G options for the remote connection
    • Modbus to communicate with PLC
    • PLC mounting option
  • Cloud/Native based Mobile UI designer Application:
    • Mobile app UI designer
    • Designer to export UI in form of dynamic XML
    • Exported design should be rendered to the Mobile app
  • Cloud Web Application:
    • Manage and capable to handle thousands of gateways, installation, and commissioning
    • Control, Monitoring, and Predictive maintenance
    • Logging and reporting services
    • User management
    • Notifications and alerts
    • Gateway OTA update from cloud
  • Connected Mobile Application Development
    • UI/UX Design as per designer imported file
    • Installation and commissioning of gateway
    • Control and monitoring of remote machines
    • Logging and printing of government standard verification reports


  • Efficient IoT Gateway solution

  • Scalable and customized mobile app at the runtime without any extra coding
  • Predictive maintenance with priority and email/mobile notifications
  • SaaS based business model

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