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OIT automation

Oxidation Induction Time Test apparatus based on Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) principle. OIT tests are used to study the behavior of materials toward the heat as a function of temperature and time. Applying this technique we can get quantitative information and many aspects of the material’s reaction to heat.

We provide controller-based instruments that indicate process temperature with the accuracy of +- 0.1 ºC and delta temperature with a least count at 0.001 ºC. Software designed to suit the various applications of thermal analysis, which gives the graph of delta temperature versus time and process temperature versus time. The software offers a comprehensive easy-to-use package for all aspects of control, acquisition, and analysis. It incorporates all the excellent features to find out oxidation induction time and melting point at any of the materials within the temperature range of 0 to 400 ºC

We provide complete computerized automation of the OIT using a Control Box and high-end computer desktop software. Refer to this video of our automated controller and software operation of the OIT machine.


We provide customization of Software and Controller with white labeling for our OEM customers to use their branding.

Key functionalities of Desktop Software and Controller:

  • Graphic display with each controller and computer software
  • Automatic Data capture and storage
  • Recording of each test specifications, detailed results, analytical data, and retrieval using the search option
  • Two-way communication between controllers and desktop application
  • Auto COM port detection

    • Company Logo customization facility for your end customers

    • Print report and export to PDF
    • The display & printout of Delta Temperature Vs Time graph along with Oxidation Induction Time result
    • Calibration graph of the melting point of indium metal along with printout facility is provided as per DOT

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