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UTM automation

Universal Tensile Machine (UTM ) is a testing laboratory equipment for the universal test applied to many polymers to check the mechanical properties and it is the most important property as the majority of mechanical loading & properties like Tensile strength, modulus, elongation, compressive strength Etc. are calculated by using this machine.

We provide complete computerized automation of the UTM using a Control Box or HMI and high-end computer desktop software. Refer to this video of our automated controller and software operation of the UTM machine.

We provide customization of Software and Controller with white labeling for our OEM customers to use their branding.

Key functionalities of Desktop Software and Controller:

  • Software and controller are universal for all different types of tensile Machines.
  • Graphic display with the controller and computer software
  • Automatic Data capture and storage
  • Recording of each test specifications, detailed results, analytical data, and retrieval using the search option
  • Online – Realtime display of load, extension, and graph view
  • Online auto and fixed scalable graph
  • Automatic detection and manual setpoint selection over the graph for Mod point 1, Mod point 2, Yield point, Max point, Breakpoint, and yield points
  • Print report and export to PDF

  • Multiple test results graph comparison
  • Load accuracy <0.5%
  • Extension resolution 0.1 mm OR 0.01 mm
  • Results in K.G./cm2 And Nt. mm2
  • Auto COM port detection

Automatic data calculations based on standards like;

  • Yield Load
  • Yield Elongation
  • Tensile strength at Yield Load
  • Breaking Load
  • Elongation at Break Load
  • Tensile strength at Breaking Load
  • Tenacity at Breaking Load
  • Elongation percentage at Break Load
  • Maximum Load
  • Elongation at Maximum Load
  • Tensile strength at Maximum Load
  • Tenacity at Maximum Load
  • Elongation percentage at Maximum Load
  • Modulus Elasticity
  • 0.1% offset yield strength
  • Two-way communication between controller and desktop application

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