Desktop based application development is focused on following important criteria of requirements;

  • Performance focused: In many industrial and time critical applications, it is mandatory to have real time like performance of defined tasks in desktop applications for example, machine live monitoring at milli seconds of accuracy, CNC machine work at precision and fast accuracy, object detection and take immediate decisions, live graph of multiple sensors at real time on screen and many more…
  • Black box and secured application need: In industries like Bio-Tech, Chemicals, Standard based testing machines, protocol tester like Zigbee, Thread, Wi-Fi, BLE, Sigfox, Production tooling software, they all need very secured and black-box like application to make sure it protects from internet access and make physically safe environment.
  • Platform(Operating System) independent: To achieve scalability and adaptability in the market many times, it is required to have desktop application with platform independence to work with Linux, Windows, Mac flavor of OS platforms by having same source code.
  • Time critical operations: As we have mentioned, many industrial mandatory to have time critical operation and it could be achieved with Embedded and Desktop based rather than Cloud or Mobile based applications.
  • Licensed based secured application: There are wide range of applications where it is required to provide hardware/software based security dongle along with the desktop application to fulfill complex operations and have physical security. Deliver application with machine in industry 4.0 is now a days common and can be achieved with license based secure application.

We have expertise in design, architecture and development of Desktop based application in wide range of industries where we first understand user requirements and suggest best suitable architecture, selection of right technology to be used and how performance, scalability and security can be achieved.

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