The right use of technology can solve many issues to save cost, and the environment and helps to make life better.

Almost after 6 months of development efforts, we feel proud to announce our first deployment with the successful installation and commissioning of IoT-enabled smart systems for road and construction equipment. We have integrated our following end-end full IoT stack products with one of our OEM customers. We are happy that we are able to help our customers to save the CAPEX and OPEX costs, make the hassle-free standard certification, and best construction recipe.

We have integrated our solution:

  • IoT gateway with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GSM, and Modbus capabilities
  • Web-based and Mobile application to support device management, control, and monitoring of construction machinery
  • AWS-based cloud system
  • 24-bits 4 channel high accuracy ADC card to make construction recipe perfect and cost-effective

Business Needs:

The existing road and machinery need locally attached computers and printers at remote sites to print reports in real-time in front of the government body to get standard verification done. Also, the current 32 loadcells-based detections and measurement of soil, water, chemicals, and other materials need more accuracy in real-time to make the perfect recipe for construction material.

Thus need to design IoT-enabled smart solutions that can provide:

  • Complete monitoring and control of machinery from any remote location through Web and Mobile based clients
  • Error or mall function detection of machine
  • High performance and Modbus-based ADC card to make the perfect recipe


  • IoT Gateway Engineering
    • Customized and white-labeled gateway
    • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and 2G/3G options for the remote connection
    • Modbus to communicate with PLC
    • PLC mounting option
  • Cloud Web Application:
    • Manage and capable to handle thousands of gateways, installation, and commissioning
    • Logging and reporting services
    • User management
    • Notifications and alerts
    • Gateway OTA update from cloud
  • Connected Mobile Application Development
    • UI/UX Design for entire application
    • Installation and commissioning of gateway
    • Control and monitoring of remote machines
    • Logging and printing of government standard verification reports
  • Production and Mass Manufacturing Support


  • Efficient IoT Gateway solution delivered
  • Save the cost of desktop computer and printer requirement at every remote location sites
  • Improved recipe and save the raw material cost of construction materials
  • Reliable and real-time reports for government bodies