Corporate Social Responsibility

It is very important to realize that its purpose is much bigger than just doing business. Our goal behind our business is to create a strong and stable environment for IT development in India and contribute to a sustainable future for the entire country. By serving in our country we want to create the well-being of individuals and societies.

AdiInfi has a well-established commitment to building trust and reliable operating principles for our customers, employees, and the industry. We give importance to have a proper life-balance with corporate work. Ethical conduct is the base to earn the trust and a high priority for everyone working in AdiInfi.

Social responsibility

AdiInfi is actively involved in social programs that support various groups of people in need: orphaned children, people with disabilities, and senior citizens. Every team members of AdiIfni understand their social responsibility to help society financially as well by providing time as per our capabilities.

We don’t only consider this as our responsibility but we love to do this and it gives us immense happiness and joy by helping not only financially but with our emotions and feelings.

Educational support

We believe to provide educational support is the base to create literacy, create leaders for the future, and help society. We help to spend our time and share our knowledge with orphaned children school and support financially with our capability. We love to conduct such knowledge sharing sessions with the kids and we gain lots of happiness.

We also conduct training programs and expert lecture in engineering colleges to support actual industry knowledge.

Responsibility to environment

AdiInfi is committed to the principles of sustainability and socially responsible operations, in which protection of the environment is a key component. These principles are reflected in the way we conduct our business as a company and in our individual roles as company representatives.

We admit that corporate activities may affect natural resources and cause possible detrimental environmental effects. Through the innovative development through effective collaboration with our customers, as a solution and information service provider, we contribute to environmental sustainability.

Healthy life

AdiInfi provides its employees with opportunities to stay fit and healthy through medical care programs, sports events, and other wellness activities.

A smart work-life balance gives our experts an opportunity to fulfill their aims; a healthy, open, and safe environment we strive to create for all employees nurtures a dedication to work and pride for what they do.